The story behind a 1/64 scale teenager and his 57 Chevy. ** turns on transistor radio **

The courtroom was adjourned. No verdict it was returned.

So I started singing... bye bye miss American pie I got my 57 Chevy but I couldn’t find a Levee so I just got in and drove away.

8 miles high and falling fast. I was able to get a low 13 in the Quartermile.


With no time left to start again. Jack be nimble Jack be quick . And quick I was...

I meet a girl who sang the blues and I asked her for some happy news. But she just smiled and wanted my Chevy.


I was a lonely teenage broncin’ buck, with a pink carnation and a volkswagen bus


But February Made me shiver. I couldn’t Take one more step and I can’t remember if I cryed when I read the bill saying that my small block is tost. I thought this will be the day that the Chevy will die.

But something touched me deep down inside and I realized them good ole boys have a spare engine. And I was on my way...


But then I found something better than a levee, so I drove the Chevy to the Bonneville Salt Flats


Singing this is where I belong.

** turns off transistor radio **

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