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Long time with no posts though I sill lurk here daily :-) I am still collecting though pared down quite a bit and getting a little better focused, lol. I also am no longer doing Youtube videos for the most part since being fired from them when they did their great purge here a few months back.

I have a few recent arrivals I will showcase here in the near future but here is one of my favorites so far!

A little background. I was born and raised in Los Angles, (now living in Florida) and have always been a huge police car buff. When I was a kid I remember seeing these Z/28’s and thought they were the coooest cop cars ever! CHP tested and evaluated 12 of these cars and though they ultimately did not make the cut what you see here pretty much led to the development of the now legendary SSP Mustangs.


A few years back GreenLight announced they were coming our with the 79’Z/28 casting in 1/18 scale and I am not trying to take credit on this but I suggested to them on my now closed Facebook account that they look into making this particular version since they already had the rights to the CHP logos, etc., I thought it would be pretty easy for them to do this. A few months later they announced they indeed were going to do it! It took me a while but I finally took delivery on this the other day.

As for the model it retails for $69.00 or so. The details are typical GreenLight for this price range. Hood, doors & trunk all open. Engine is pretty decent looking and I apologize, I do not have a pic of it here right now. Trunk has a spare tire in it. The interior is just OK. This is the older version and comes with tan interior there is a newer version that comes with a CHP figure that has the black interior. The tan color is period correct.


Outside details include red driver side spotlight, clear passenger side spotlight, push bumper as well as a rooftop antenna I painted silver. These items have to be glued on and I do feel the spotlights are a bit on the big side and they are really not that realistically positioned. There is working suspension and the front wheels turn with the steering wheel. All opening features open and close as they should. As a matter of fact the hood is very difficult to open and I have to use a credit card to get it to pop up.

There is no carpet but there is stick on gauges, a shotgun, radio, microphone, & the CHP specific ticket lamp. In the picture here you will see I have actually painted the lamp and the shotgun rack. It was all the same tan you see and really not that great looking. I also used a little bit too much heat but was able to get it into a more correct position though in this extreme closeup you can see I just about lost it, lol.


I can’t drive ‘55”.


Overall as said above I am absolutely thrilled to finally have this one in my collection and I feel for the money GreenLight did a pretty darn good job here.

Bonus video, (NOT MINE) These cars and a bunch more like it were featured in the older “JunkMan” movie. If you are a 70’s car buff and had not seen this movie you are definitely missing out!

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