Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Call me crazy

But I’ve decided to trade this baby for a complete set of the new Japan Historics cars. Why? I’m not fond at all of the casting since it’s just a blob of metal that was poured into the casting. I was excited at first when I got it but as time goes on, I like this thing less and less. I’ve been in contact with the Toy Pimp on Instagram and was originally going to trade this for the Hot Wheels RLC Gulf Porsche. Well I got one on my own and was wondering what I could trade this for. Since out in my part of California, I rarely find any of the premium line cars, I contacted him last night asking him if he would be willing to trade all 5 of the Japan Historics cars for this baby. He said yes and I will be sending this out to him tomorrow. Will I regret doing this? Probably not. if he intends to keep it for his collection like he originally stated, I hope he can appreciate it more than I have and proudly display it in his collection. I’ve purchased cars from him before and he is a great seller. Very friendly, and will do what he can to make sure that I, the customer, walks away satisfied. Follow him on Instagram

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