I came to TRU looking for the Majorette series I’ve been hearing so much about. I found them!

Not sure why this is sideways #kinja’d

Now, I love me some Porsches, but even these weren’t to my liking. The proportions seemed odd. I considered fixing the stance, but the whole cast was just off imho.

I may go back for the trailer, not worried about running out, there were 7 of these there haha. Hard to justify a $19.99 price tag.

But then I saw this...

I don’t think I’m supposed to have this yet.


When I rang it up, they said it wasn’t for sale yet, but they let me have it anyway.

Heres the rest of the upcoing crew. Only the Evo was there with the Supra, someone else might’ve grabbed the rest but man, do I want the NSX. Also, the FT-1 is on my list. The evos proportions made it look a bit too chunky where the Supra looked very svelte.




Very good looking cast in my opinion. Might need to fix the wheels as they’re a bit sunken, but the interior is fantastic. The colors are great and the window decals just make it. As you can tell, I’m very happy with it. The scale is a bit big, maybe closer to true 1:64 scale cars, but it won’t be too out of place in the collection. I feel this was a steal at $3.99.

If you happen to see an NSX or FT-1, I’d be glad to trade or PayPal if from you!