As many of you know, I went down to visit my in-laws last week and found a cool comic book / collectibles shop that had a ton of JL and HW stuff. I showed you most of what I got last week, but there were two special cars that I left out. These twins have been saved for a special purpose. One of course I will be keeping, but the other will be the prize of our next Guessing Game! If you remember a while back, boxer_4 did this same thing and I was the winner. So I only felt it fair that I kept that generosity going around the site and do a giveaway of my own.

There are a few ground rules just to keep everything civil and orderly. In order to win, you have to have the make, model, trim level, and year range of the car. Yes, I’m being that specific, hahaha. Gotta make it a challenge right? From there, it comes down to the first person to guess correctly based on the time stamp of your comment. I will give a hint a day until the correct answer is given.

For the first days hint, we have a map. The car in question was made somewhere on this map and made it’s surprising racing debut somewhere on this map as well. Happy guessing!

UPDATE: I have decided to have a little more fun with this and make things a little more interesting. I’m going to run this contest through Friday with a new clue each day, that way everyone on here has an opportunity to see and enter a guess. Just like the rules with boxer_4’s giveaway, you can guess as many times as you like, but your final answer will be the one that counts. From there, as stated earlier, it will then be determined by timestamp as to who the first answered correctly first.