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Can't Get Enough

So I got more Skylines!


These arrived at my doorstep today. It’s the “B” Prize from the Kyosho NISMO Lottery set. It’s a set of four matte black GT-R’s. Actually, one is grey, but who cares. And ironically, it looks to be the best model of the whole set. Cool packaging too, might I add. Haven’t DLM’d yet because I’ve got some other things to do, but I will post them when it’s all said and done.

Also, a rare in-store HAWL for me...

My local Walmart somehow, someway dug up some older M2 Detroit Muscle releases. This particular release came out about the same time I started collecting M2 altogether (I have the other ‘Cuda from the same release too). That was more than a year ago!

Anywho, I couldn’t leave behind a purple ‘Cuda. Just wish they would stock some new stuff as well. You know, like, that friggin’ Titanium series...

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