Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Kept refreshing the page starting at 11:59 and “Add to cart” never popped up. It didn’t say “Sold Out” either though. Called Mattel’s customer support line and they said it was indeed sold out. I didn’t realize there were 7k+ RLC members... Oh well. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

UPDATE: Apparently something happened with how HWC extended the RLC priority deadline and it ended up going live at 9am EST instead of PST as it said in the listing. So people who just happened to get on the site at that time were able to order them until HWC realized what happened and shut the whole sale down. Word from friends with access to the RLC forum is that HWC is “investigating” the issue, and that there’s no official word if the car actually sold out or if they have postponed whatever’s left.


Either way, Mattel / HWC really need to get their stuff together IT wise. I mean, I understand that the site might have issues due to the mass influx of traffic, but still. They’re an international toy company. They should be able to afford some decent servers and a competent web designer or two.

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