Big things with little cars

Car club meeting #5: Road trip to deliver the cars and a special treat!

The President of the club (my son) and the Vice President (his friend) of the car club and myself left rural NorthEast Missouri around 8:30 this morning to deliver the cars to the hospital in downtown STL. If you ever had a child or sibling go to one of these hospitals they first appear to be special places with themed floors and interactive waiting rooms. But it’s still a hospital with scans, pricks, procedures...Aquariums or PlayStations in the waiting room do very little to help the pain and/or the bad news that occur once back in the exam rooms or operating table. I think these cars will help a little. Thanks to those who contributed.


Afterwards, for a treat, we drove to a classic car showroom, which had a gift shop and a “few” hotwheels. More pics to follow.

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