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Car Week: 2010s - Ultraviolet Edition

It’s always a good night when there’s a Porsche in the shop. Especially if it’s one of the GT variants. Of course I was delighted to bring this one in the shop for inspection and take it for a spin. It’s been in storage for a few months, but I knew this would be my choice for 2010s Monday for Car Week. It’s a Porsche, a GT3 RS at that, and it’s Ultraviolet!!! What’s not to love?

Getting the car unloaded at the shop after sitting in storage.
It looks so good under the lights. Needed a little cleaning up though after sitting in storage. Nothing we can’t handle at the shop though.
Pulled it out for a minute, just to flip it around in the shop. It’s always easier to work on something when you’re close to the tool bench.
Finishing up on it, making sure it’s ready to go!
Gotta get that creative artsy angle!
Alright. Time to take it for a spin!
And we’re back! WOW! What a machine! I definitely need to make it a priority to drive this thing on a more regular basis....

Happy car week everyone!

- Manufacturer - Spark
- Model - 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.1)
- Scale - 1/64

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