I’d like to close car week with British Racing Green. Here is Hot Wheels 1:64 scale version of the Jaguar XJ13.

Hot Wheels has released two versions of this casting, this one, in the four car Jaguar set and a chrome version in the 100% Hot Wheels line.

The one and only XJ13 in existence resides in Jaguar’s own museum. It was built as a potential Le Mans competitor and a test platform for Jaguar’s 500hp V12. The car was mothballed after the Le Mans prototype rules changed.


In 1966 the car was brought out of storage to shoot a promotional film for the release of the new E-Type. The XJ13 lost a wheel at speed and flipped end-over-end. Thankful the driver walked away.

The car sat in storage for years before being completely rebuilt. The car now makes occasional appearances at special events.