Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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It seems it was missed over here, things are rolling pretty well over on DT, but I know a lot of you still hang on over here. Well if there was a way to reach out to pull you lot over to the DT side of things, we’re doing the first Car Week of DT starting Sunday.


Yes. March 8th. Sorry for the late notice.

Theme is Dream Cars. Theme is a little looser this year to try and kick off the new ‘home’ of LaLD and get the whole family back together again.


Sunday, March 8th: Costs too much money

Monday, March 9th: Too hard to find

Tuesday, March 10th: Too impractical

Wednesday, March 11th: Never produced

Thursday, March 12th: I’d die if I drove it

Friday, March 13th: Mechanical nightmare

Saturday, March 14th: LaLDer’s choice!

Please come join in on some of the fun! If you don’t like the format, just know that Studio Mode is great but only accessible from a PC. Also make sure you post to the LaLD tribe; sorta like here where you can post stories to your own page or Oppo or LaLD, you gotta choose where it goes too.


We’ve had a lot of new faces join DT, and it would be nice to see the rest of the familiar ones come back too. We’ve even had a lot of old faces that were gone from here show up again.

If anything, I personally miss the rest of you guys. Things aren’t the same without the whole community.


Drag your stuff out and come join us!

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