It’s a seasoned star here on LaLD, but an epic one.

When it comes to red cars, there are countless to choose from in my collection. I was contemplating on choosing the Lamborghini Miura Jota but I’ve shown that car (not too long ago) so I went for what is easily the wildest red colored car in my collection.

Both a profitable and fast pace way to conduct research and development for the next Ferrari halo car. The Ferrari XX program is everything that Ferrari currently know in terms of speed and then push the envelope to go even faster. The FXX K the LaFerrari’s V12 and electric sidekick up from 950hp to 1036hp by uprating the V12 beast to 848hp and the vegan electric power from 161hp to 188hp. Add to that, the already impressive active aero on the “regular” LaFerrari gets even more radical that now can produce up to 1200 lbs of downforce at 124 mph. The amount of modification done was so excessive that Ferrari consider the FXX K as its own standalone model rather than just an evolved version of their flagship spacecraft. Only 40 were made and you need to be more than a typical Ferrari VIP to get to experience one of these. An option for those that have way too much money and want to become a beta tester of Ferrari’s potential future, you have to purchase one of the two previous XX models which are the FXX or the 599 XX.


This FXX K was a promotion from 7-11 of Taiwan and with quality that matches a Kyosho. I remember awhile back some people actually sold these as a Kyosho even though it wasn’t. Kyosho did eventually release the FXX K in three colors but the slightly better proportioned wheels on this cast are the first indicator of the difference.

With 7-11 of Taiwan constantly doing car related promotions with the Porsche series for last year and a nirvana of hypercars that is currently ongoing. With never before seen releases and details in the Kyosho territory. I say bring it on! I’ll be hunting down the recent hypercar releases, one way or the other.