Spaceship for the road.

Now that kind of term gets thrown out more often than you think today with all the crazy hypercars gets pumped out lately like Koenigseggs, and the two insane upcoming hypercars from Aston Martin and Mercedes. In the 90's, it was a bit more special.

The former supercar company Vector was America’s answer to the rest of the world that America can create a supercar just as fast and as exclusive as
 the Europeans were offering. They started out with the W8 Twin Turbo which started their fighter jet for the road theme with aerospace style construction for the chassis and LCD display which was an early and advanced tech at its time.


This car, the Avtech WX-3 was supposed to be the successor to the W8. It takes the aerospace tech even further. The chassis was redesigned that incorporated aluminum honeycomb structure that is light and so strong that a piece can be ran over by a cement truck and won’t deform. High grade aerospace rivets were used throughout the chassis and the Avtech also feature something that European supercars don’t have: airbrakes.

Sadly, despite all the advanced tech to go up with the supercar elite, the Vector Avtech WX-3 was only a dream. Vector lack funding to make it into a reality and soon the company faded away. They did make a car in spirit of the Avtech however, called the M12 before the company folded, but it was essentially a rebodied Lamborghini Diablo which was one of Vector’s rival.


I knew the theme of purple for this year’s Car Week will be my weakest link. Since I don’t seem to have any purple cars in my collection. Still, at least I managed to source a car for today’s theme and a wacky one at that.