This is the Wood Brothers Racing Ford Taurus stock car, driven by Ricky Rudd in the 2003 NASCAR Winston Cup series. This livery celebrated Ford Motor Company’s centennial anniversary and is faithfully recreated by Team Caliber in 1/64 scale, a now defunct die-cast brand that primarily produced NASCAR replicas.

If you have never been to a NASCAR race, outside the track there is typically a section dedicated to teams’ souvenier trailers. You could always buy merchandise at these trailers that you could not easily find anywhere else and as a kid I always looked forward to browsing through them on the few occasions my dad took me to a NASCAR race. This car comes from one of those trailers at one of the Charlotte races in 2003 and to my knowledge was never available anywhere else.

I don’t believe this special livery was run the entire season, but rather just for a handful of races. While Team Caliber did a pretty good job getting the details of the livery scaled down, it’s still a little murky- it’s supposed to be exploding fireworks, with the lights stretching towards the back of the car as if the firework exploded while the car was moving. Interesting idea...whether or not it was a good idea, I’ll leave up to you. I personally like it.


For many years, this was one of my nicer 1/64 models due to the detail in the tampos. I had never seen anything like it at the time, and honestly I don’t think there was much out there that would compare to it back the early ‘00s. Not only are the intricacies of the fireworks impressive, but the contingency decals and headlights are excellent, even by today’s standards. Unfortuantely, the taillights are not detailed. I guess no one’s perfect.