Not all Skylines are as exclusive and world conquering “Godzilla” GT-R, there are milder versions like the rear wheel drive only GT-T and the softer, family friendly 4-door sedan which in some countries are as disposable as a Camry. But imagine having the dull 4-door combined with the highly praised performance of the GT-R. You got yourself the Skyline GT-R Autech Version.

Commissioned to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nissan. Autech grafted the running gears and chassis components from the R33 GT-R into a sedan body. Some parts like the driveshaft have to be custom built due to different dimension of the sedan but everything you’ll find in the 2-door GT-R is there even the complex four wheel steering. Autech is a subsidiary company of Nissan began in the 80's that are in charge on tuning Nissan performance cars working closely with Nissan’s in-house tuner NISMO for major motorsport races like the JGTC. To this day Autech is still around assisting on tuning engine and chassis for current Nissan JGTC cars.

Autech help make special performance version of models that sometimes the NISMO brand skimped over. But they also focus on commissioning special vehicles for practicality like converting Nissan Serena minivans to be wheelchair friendly. With Autech only built 447 units of the special 4-door GT-Rs, exclusivity is on lock (take that Regular Car Guy). Four color options were available: Dark Grey Pearl, White, Midnight Purple, and Sonic Silver shown here. The police in Japan owns one too and its one of the last thing you want to see in your rearview mirror.


This is one outstanding diecast in 1/64 by TLV. The only other diecast brand that represented the special, limited edition GT-R in this scale is Kyosho and after seeing Kyosho’s example I can say the TLV is much more accurate. Not only does the plastic pieces such as the headlights are more crisp and the tires doesn’t look like is belong to an off road vehicle. But you also get suspension and TLV offers it in the crime fighting police flavor too. There will be two more version to be released this June in purple civilian version and a white private investigator version.