A couple weeks ago, I came across a guy on offerup selling some game used Seattle Sonics warm up jackets, including one of Gary Payton. I sent the link to a collector buddy of mine who goes crazy over that kind of stuff and he told me he’d send a care package to say thanks...didn’t expect to get a box of old treasure hunts! The box came in yesterday

The 240z is one I didn’t have yet and I’m very glad to add it to my collection

Didn’t realize this Bone Shaker was a super until I really examined it. It’s pretty cool but doesn’t really fit in my collection, so if anyone wants it, it’s up for trade

Then earlier tonight, I hit a couple stores including the Wal-Mart that I frequent the most (which is super picked over and I don’t really expect to find anything there unless I can find something on the pallet)... Pretty happy with what I found out of the dump bin. What suprised me most was finding 2 Zamacs in one of those small stands with a small bin built in in the grocery section. They don’t have perfect cards which is probably why they were left but I’m okay with that.


The M2 C60 is really cool, could not leave that behind... but after taking it home, I should have inspected it a bit better, there are a couple of paint scuffs and the rear dually axle isn’t straight... I fixed the axle pretty easily but the I’ll just have to live with the paint chips. Also wish this thing had a tow hook so I could use it with one of my trailers. Here it is with a Greenlight C10 from “The Godfather” hitch and tow set.