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Cars and Donut's!

Tip of the cap to Bell King for the heads up.

So, no Datsun, even though there were two full boxes on the shelf. Also, left the McLaren behind, the tampos were not for me. Only one bugeye and gulia to be found. Not sure I need another Datsun, but it is nice in pictures, so if I find one I’ll take it.


I really like these three though. I was going to leave the bugeye behind but it’s much better in person. The gulia is simply spectacular! The M1 is no slouch either. Good set!


Also, I can’t just not take some pics of this beauty while I’ve got my lightbox up.

The color is slightly lighter on the WRX. This couldjust be Pait variation though. But the gtr has such deep blue paint it’s my fav this year so far.
If you can see, this is the sparkly windshield variation!
You can kinda see the sparkles is the glass here.

This will be drilled and wheel swapped soon. (Doing rx7 at the moment)


One more of this guy!


Several customs in the works. More to report on that soon. (Sry no new Teutonic safari content yet hah)

Photos with $40 Amazon light box kit. The gtr I used tissue paper with sparkles as the background. (Less pet hair shows on the paper). Im starting to get more used to this artificial light photography. Light box 100% worth it. Galaxy s8.

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