I went to the Good Guys Colorado Nationals yesterday. My son and I saw some awesome cars at the show and racing on the Auto-X track. Of course any big car show has a die cast tent or two and this one had a swap meet too, score!

The Hot Wheel is my 4 year olds he chose the wheels
I have the red one but only had the time to grab the blue one on the way out to door.

Now onto the hawls.

The Mercedes CLK-LM and Porsche 911 GT1 have been on my list since joining, and of course I can’t pass up the Jaguar XJ220.


A couple Panoz GTR-1 again on my list, again no way to pass up this Ferrari 512M
A couple Jaguar D-types because I saw Steve McQueen’s road version left year. The firepird because NASCAR.
A couple hot rods to possibly customize in the future.


Just an awesome looking truck and a 57 Bel Air.

Lastly some Auto World Ford GT 40's

Because Le Mans winning livery!!


Because Gulf Livery!!

Sorry for the long post. I was just super excited to find these and had to share.