Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Catching Some Z's

And a couple Wellys, maybe.
I hadn’t intended to go to the indoor flea circus today, but I found myself stressed and then found myself in the area, so I took a mental health break.
I found some nice items today, but I’ll limit myself to these five for this post.

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Ferrari, possibly a 308, (GTO?) but definitely a Zylmex, going by the base.
Dodge Monaco Fire Dept car, not fire CHIEF, just Fire Dept on the hood, trunk, and both sides. Not enough? Ok, we’ll add a County Sheriff badge on the hood for good measure. Might be a Welly, it has the same wheel type as the “Pantara” I posted previously. Broken driver’s window.
Datsun 260Z, item D75 from Zee. Definitely Zee by the logo on the base.
Dodge Charger, item D122 from Zylmex, both confirmed by the base.
Lotus Esprit, no logo, but it does have a couple of those shapes on the base where some text was covered up. Very similar to the Tomica version, and going by those wheels (again), probably a Welly.
On another topic, I found another use for the Future floor shine stuff. The Dodge Charger came with a white stain on one wheel, like it had been parked in a scale puddle of paint. I used an emery board to lightly sand it off, preserving the chrome, but it left me with a greyed area where the paint had been. I washed the wheel, but it only helped a little, so I took a toothpick and applied some Future to the wheel, and now you can’t tell which wheel had the problem.

Edit: Yes, you can tell, because I took the photo before fixing


Oh, and then someone gave me the bird...

Illustration for article titled Catching Some Zs
Illustration for article titled Catching Some Zs

This used to be a “The Black Knight” version of the T-Bird Stocker. Base says 1983 but has no name, the car has the roll cage and side pipes. When it was handed to me he called it a Lincoln, so I had to do a little research on it, and the remnants of yellow confirmed it.
Photo: Google Images

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