Been a really busy few weeks. I haven’t been able to take pics and post. Had a very exhausting (but fun) business trip to Puerto Rico. More on that in a bit. But first, my new favorite $uper Treasure Hunt.

I’ve been researching previous year $upers and discovered that not only did HW release a FANTASTIC treasure hunt Tucker Torpedo, but nobody seems to care. lol. These go for around $15 on ebay with shipping which is reasonable. I scored this one for ten fiddy with free shipping and free card protector. Really happy with that. I like this one so much I also picked up the regular TH that I will DLM soon for a photo shoot. I absolutely LOVE the paint on this car. The low key black real riders with whitewalls are perfect. <3

OMG that paint... those lines.... *faint*

I spent last week in Puerto Rico while all my loved ones were freezing to death in New England. <3 I was really hoping to visit a WalMart or some thrift shops, but time flew by so fast. After a long walk on the beach I took a stroll back to the hotel and darted into a Walgreens for some goodies. I wasn’t going to come home without a diecast of some sort. So, this Puerto Rico Exclusive* Datsun Bluebird flew back home with me.


*total lie. not an exclusive at all.

When I got back home... My KMart Dec. 2018 mail in had arrived. This VW Drag bus is so sweet. Honestly, waaaaay better than the BatMobile before it.


The colors really work on this one.


Back home... did a little flea shopping and picked up this Thomassima 3. Which, at first, seemed like a fantasy cast to me. But, it’s actually a diecast version of a real car (though it’s stretched out a bit too much).

This will get DLM’ed and photo’ed up pretty soon. Mainly because the paint is just insanely nice!


And lastly... my favorite eBay seller put this Playart Fiat 124 Sport 1600 up for pennies and I had to snatch it. Even though it’s missing the bumpers the rest of the car is fantastic. Maybe I will get lucky and find a bumper donor someday.

Thanks for looking! Great to be back. I’ll get some of these beauties unboxed for full reviews hopefully this weekend!


Go Rams.