Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Caught red handed!

I went to a target at 6 after work and surprisingly they had FULLY stocked heritage and redlines. However, I was ONE minute late and this guy took EVERY SINGLE redlines and all the good Heritage. About 16 of them and left me with no redlines and only the crap heritage cars. I asked him to please let me have just one skyline but he said no. =(......

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Edit: to add more to the story, as soon as I got to the HW section, he quickly went over to the tonka toys section and tried to cover what he had. I didn’t think much of it and asked if he was a collector to which he did not reply. Then I told him how it’s been so difficult to find heritage datsuns because of scalpers and he acted like he didn’t know what the heritage line was.... That was when I looked down and saw all that he was hoarding. I didn’t know redlines were out yet so I was excited and looked back at the pegs for them. Then I realized that he had taken them all. All I asked then was if he could spare a redline skyline.

Edit Edit: whatever reason that guy hoarded for...I don’t care. Whateverz. However, what made me upset was that I tried to have a conversation with him and asked for a spare when I realized he had all the skylines. Yet, he couldn’t spare one? Ugh. Maybe I need to leave my corporate job to get a second shift job just so I can get to the stores earlier. Sorry for the long rant

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