Big things with little cars


While I was waiting for me to find a STH in the wild before buying ones online, the RS6 Avant was an absolute must have for me. So when I saw our resident HowardYoung selling an Unspun one (which would be perfect for a wheel swap I’ve had in mind since I first saw the teasers for it), I just had to have it.


These wheels are argueably a much better fit for the RS6, and while the car no longer rolls (I don’t have the guts to file out the wheel arches to let it sit right), I think it looks great in my display case. I did add quiet a few details, the biggest of which is the limited addition of a flat aluminum package, which you can see on the front and rear valances, Grill trim, mirror caps, and Roof rails. While the real life package adds a trim around the windows, I didn’t feel like risking it, because I’m very happy the way it is.

I’m also quiet proud of the interior- using the configurator as a guide, I decided to do black leather seats with black alcantara inserts with red stitching.


I did an alcantara wheel- and while those are awful, it provides a nice contrast to the semi gloss black dash. If you notice in the above photos, the car is still unspun, because I wanted to get pictures of the interior. I’ll likely seal it now with some hot glue so it’s *almost* permanent. I’d like to do more, primarily attempt to add a trim around the windows, and fill out the headlights a bit more.


I also decided to follow in the footsteps of several others on here, and finally start my own diorama workshop. While I was hoping to have everything here by today, my one package is still out, and won’t be here till tomorrow.

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