This was a previous build, but it fits pretty perfectly in what the custom contest theme is, so I’ll throw it in the ring.

This is my latest Porsche 356 Outlaw build, what I envisioned to be a vintage racer that is very actively run. Visits Goodwood, does road rallies, the Mille Miglia, etc.

I didn’t do too much to modify the exterior of this one. The frunk straps are still there, I didn’t add frunk trim, and the fuel filler is still in the same location. I did turn the larger one-piece tail lights into the double beehive ones because I like them better. I just sanded away the old ones and put two dots of superglue on each side. I also eliminated the drip rails over the doors to give it a sleeker look.


I love how the yellow turned out, and this is definitely one of the best clearcoat jobs I’ve ever done! The leftover decals from the #22 Martini 917 I did came in handy. So no Mobil for once, but back to my Dutch roots with Shell we go. Add some black headlight covers, chrome window trim, and a Dutch blue antique license plate that I made a decal of to go on a Porsche 911 but looks okay here too. I know it’s not technically correct, Jobjoris, but cut me some slack, okay? I promise I’ll put it on a 911 as well. :D

The wheels are black deep dish steelies and came off of a 356 Speedster, which meant that I didn’t need to make any custom axles! I did lower the body a little bit because I dig that look on the 356.


Lastly, I went extra colorful on the interior, because I was in a good mood. Looks like a fun place to race around in, if you ask me!

Hope you guys like it!