I recently hosted a contest of customizing 1/64 scale die cast cars. Nostalgic race cars was the theme for this #CDcustomcontest. I will be hosting more in the future for anyone who missed this one, But it will be a different theme. The three participants were Philipilihp, Noodles, and Matchthebox.

1st place goes to Philipilihp and his Porsche 356b. My favorite part of this build is the custom taillights that he did which you can find in his blog here:

Next with 2nd place, we have Noodles and his Porsche 934 6x6. (The choice cuts are mine) you can find his blog here:


Finally with third place Matchthebox with his Datsun 510 rally car. Photoshop skills on 100. His blog is found here:


Thanks to all who participated In this contests. Like I said I will be hosting more #CDcustomcontests in the future. So if you missed this one, you can (hopefully) Participate in the next one.