Chasing Diecast Cars is the occasional, extremely flexible format I’ve been posting since the Oppo days. My very first one was FP’d to Jalopnik and initiated LaLD spinning off into its own blog.

Since then, I’ve changed the themes and names around, given out random made-up awards such as Best Photo of a Dinosaur Being Depressed that He Can’t Race His Go-Kart Due to Inclement Weather or Best Refusal to Let An Obscure Theme Day Die, and generally just posted what I thought needed a shoutout. Today, I’m switching it up again, by highlighting 3 stellar posts by one of our favorite veteran members (whose birthday happens to be today as well), Eddie.

So what do we really know about the man who only needs to go by one name ?

1) Although I refer to him as a veteran user, Eddie is one of the youngest authors on LaLD. If my math and deduction skills are correct, he will no longer be a teenager as of today. (Either that or he’ll legally be able to drink. One of the two. Probably. I hope it actually is his birthday..)


2) He describes himself:

as the blind guy who loves every thing car and truck related

Eddie was born premature but pulled through despite weighing less than 2 lbs. This miraculous survival was followed up by a childhood accident that severely affected his already poor eyesight. He has had multiple (at least in the teens) surgeries since.


3) Although it feels like he’s been here forever, he only recently started re-collecting. The first two diecasts he bought for himself in over a decade? The AE86 and Civic EF


4) His dream car, at the age of 2 at least, was an AE86

5) He’s a good dude.

Presented here are my 3 favorite Eddie posts


3) Recovers his first diecast and immediately starts to tear it apart.


2) Learns the art of the professional dump bin Hawl. Grabs a Twin Mill ZAMAC that will eventually become mine!


1) Eddie survives surgery, feels the LaLD love.

Happy Birthday buddy!