Chasing DieCast Cars is the feature where I highlight some of the best, funniest, weirdest, or just plain awesome posts the LaLD community produced. Tons of quality posts caught my attention this week.

Before I hand out my awards, make sure to check out our weekly "Best of" features:

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and now...

HWEP Car of the Day Review by FROSTED


To the awards!

Best Representation of the 90's in Diecast Minivan Form

BRICKMAN with this Dodge Caravan, if it only said "Expresso" somewhere it couldn't be more perfect


First Video Featuring Brum That Didn't Make Me Want To Claw My Eyes Out

MATTHEW_AP with his pilot episode


Best Refusal to Let An Obscure Theme Day Die

JOBJORIS keeps showing off spectacular French models on Friday. I'm not going to argue.


Best Purchase That Shows Off the Typical LaLDer's Mindset

THEJWT saw a Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon and bought it. The fact that it was crushed and mauled almost beyond recognition only causing a minor complaint.


and finally....

Best Photo Featuring Air-Cooled VWs Shaped Like Pumpkins to Celebrate the Holiday Spirit


VDUBYAJOHN (of course) takes this one in a walk

Thanks for reading! Let me know what I missed!