Chasing DieCast cars is the weekly roundup of posts on LaLD that stuck out to me in some way. Whether it was a great post, sweet pics, silly-ness or just plain awesome I like to highlight it at the end of the week by giving out awards.

Before I hand out the imaginary hardware, please check out our regular weekly best of features:

....and now the awards!

Best Quasi-Archaeological Find:


HUZER started going through cars that have been lost under decades of sand. Can’t wait to see what else he “un-earths”!

Best Review Showing Off a Perfectly Replicated 1/18th Battery:


BRICKMAN with this review of the FJ Cruiser. Look, there are even warning stickers!

Best Review of A Completely Unexpected Tomica Model:


The finest 1:77 scale Cadillac Brougham? Check out FINTAIL’s review!

Best Custom Made By a 9-year old:


Sweet custom van with blood splatter (of course) from ATFSGEOFF!

Best Remodel of a Miata That You Could Actually See Yourself Doing:


Also, best comeback after being defeated by a drill (I’ve been there).

.....and, finally

Best Picture of a VW Kool Kombi Visiting A Clothing Optional Beach:


Awesome pic Enginerrrrrrrrr!