Big things with little cars

Cheap High End 1/18s

I have some nicer high end models I’m willing to let go for cheap, mainly because they have some flaws. Prices are as shipped within the US.

Kyosho Samurai Toyota HiAce. $45. Resin model. This came to me with bubbled/curled up windows possibly because of the heat from the country it left or they weren’t cut right during manufacturing.


GT Spirit Mercedes Benz A45 AMG. $60. Resin model. Passenger mirror broke off, it snaps back in place but it’ll fall off in shipping. Some glue would hold it in place better.


Revell Goggomobile. $40. Diecast with opening doors and trunk. Nothing wrong with it, actually a neat little car, just doesn’t fit any part of my collections.

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