Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Check your Target! (Maisto 1:24 Special Edition)

My local Target has been selling its 1:24 Maisto cars for the wrong price for months. They’re supposed to be something around $14.00, if I recall correctly. But this one Target store has them for $3.88. I’ve only gotten two so far (Mercedes SLS AMG and 1970 Corvette), but I’ve been checking back every week or so. There’s an orange Murcielago right now (or, at least, last I checked) and I really want the blue one. I might cave and just get the orange one, but I’m just getting sidetracked right now. Point is, if your Target has these, check the price. I don’t know why mine is selling them wrong, but it can’t be the only store with this mistake.


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