(Side note: let me tell you how tempting it was to clear-coat this and call it a day)

I got the exterior stripped today. I plan on stripping the interior and priming it later today. The stripper actually didn’t take off that much paint. After letting it sit for 15 minutes, while it did weaken the paint it didn’t remove much of it. It took about 20 minutes of brushing with 2 different wire brushes to remove most of the paint.

Before spraying
After everything. Interior still needs to be stripped.


One other thing: it has an obnoxiously teal interior. I’m not sure if I want to keep it and give it a unique look or repaint it because teal + gold =/= good color combo. Should I repaint the interior bit? If so, what color(s) would go well with a flat gold?


That’s all for now.

Here we see the more common Fire Chevelle (Ignis Chevelleus) and its rare cousin, the Silver Chevelle (Argentum Chevelleus)