Big things with little cars

It’s been a while since I’ve contributed, so I felt as though I needed to get back in here and post some casts. Also, I created a DIY lightbox, so I thought I would test it out. Today’s cars are from Chevrolet’s not-so-finest hours, a Hot Wheels Monza, and two examples of a Zylmex Vega. The Monza is from my childhood collection, as is the more trashed of the Vegas. The newer-looking Vega was a swap meet find from a few months back.

The Monza:


A little battered, well, a lot battered actually. The redlines are cool. It is missing a louvered rear window cover for real 70's cred. It says Chevy Monza 2+2 on the base, with a date of 1974.

I’m thinking I had detailed the taillights and the window pillars at some point.

The Vegas:


The extremely-loved one on the right has “VEGA GT” stickers on the side panels. The wheels are rather tiny, especially when you look at the newer one.


You can sort-of see the VEGA GT sticker here. I think it was a sandbox find, at least it certainly looks like it was well-used. I knew when I saw it’s shinier brother at the swap meet, that it had to come home with me. And it was only a buck, so, hey.

I had noticed the “waviness” of the base paper in the lightbox, so I’ll have to do something about that. But otherwise it seems to work quite well. These are just iPhone pics, light with the light coming in from the window.


Converted leftover box, with tracing paper light slats, and regular drawing paper in the back and on the bottom. It went together rather quickly, and overall I am pleased. Once I fix the wavy floor, I will be set.


Test shot of my Code 3 Engine 51, because Engine 51. Thanks for looking!

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