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Chinese Remix

I’ve been on a strange hunting tear the last couple of months, and its for an often ignored segment of the diecast world…the generic/ripoff Chinese diecast world. I read a thread over on Swiftys over the summer about these strange knockoff diecasts with UN logos on them, one of which being a white Tundra that was a clear copy of the HW version…with very older Matchbox-esque wheels. For whatever reason, I had to have it. I checked Ali Express for months, Amazon, Ebay, other sites, never found the set. Then one random dollar store visit on a random lunch hour, and I found much of the set, individually blistered, including the UN Tundra…but in blue. A week of furious hunting through random no-name dollar stores later, I had the white tundra.

The blue one had to be wheel swapped, of course. I found a second white one recently that suffered the same fate!

Its actually a pretty nice casting, very close to the HW version, but with a screw on base making wheel swaps easy (this seems to be a common feature on generic Asian diecasts). There is also a F-150 desert truck clone also in the set that a wheel swap also improved. The only odd part is that the original photos I saw of these trucks featured a map/crest tampo on the doors next to the UN tampo, these dont have it. Rare/obscure diecasts with unexplained variations? Yes please....

The “F-150"

Some of us noticed those 2-car generic emergency vehicle packs that were on most Targets over the holidays, on an endcap with other low-grade toys, featuring generic firetrucks, a sedan, tractors, etc...but thanks to another thread on Swiftys discussing these, someone noticed a particularly amusing, if not somewhat offensive tampo on an ambulance in one of the packs. This was thankfully easier for me to track down, and here it is…

very tomica-like wheels, unlike the rest of the vehicles in these sets

Meat Wagon!

It did get a matchbox disc wheel swap last night, and that also improved it greatly. I also find it amusing that its an ambulance, but has 8 seats inside…


There are still a bunch that I’m keeping my eye out for, other versions of the Tundra, similar clones of the MB Explorer, its fun to hunt when you’re probably the only one looking!

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