Big things with little cars

I chanced upon a listing for what appears to be a Foldio clone (the less charitable would call it a knock-off) on offer for RM 80 with free shipping. I’ve got about that amount lying about due to missing out on an offer for a used Razer keyboard.

It’s 24cm x 25cm x 24 cm fully deployed, so it’s actually slightly smaller than the Foldio 1, so I doubt I’ll be able to photograph anything larger than a 1:32 car (and that might even be a stretch).


However, its LED strips can be powered by anything capable of feeding power through a micro-USB cable, which is certainly quite convenient in the sense that I don’t have to lug around yet another brick of a transformer around with me. And there’s a 1 year warranty on the lighting, which helps, even if by a marginal amount.

So, what say you, LaLD?

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