I’ve got a friend that along with his father and brother are part of a race team. They run 4 cars. For a gift last year, I built a clone of their ‘70 240Z.

This year, I was asked to build two identical cars - a clone of their ‘69 Corvette. Here’s a few progress pics and how it turned out in the end.

Started out life as this.
Stripped, filed, primed, painted, cleared.
Stripes applied.
Laying out the remainder of the artwork.
Decals done and final clear applied.


#1 done. #2 ready, waiting for wheels.
Done. :)
Packaged as an added bonus.


Tail lights. That’s what a lot of people see. ;)

Here’s the coolest thing. He game me a poster of their 4 cars.


If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for checking out the project. Probably won’t be posting again until I’ve got the next project done or a cool photo or something to share. Wishing you and yours the best in 2017!