Big things with little cars

Chrome Pen Mustang Monday

So chrome pens. I didn’t know anything about them until they showed up here on LaLD and that piqued my interest. But at $20 apiece, I was not ready to commit so the idea was stored in the back of my head for a later date. While at Hobby Lobby recently, I decided to check out the art pen section and found the chrome pens.

Well, heck! That’s not $20! And with 40% off, it came out to a little under $8. So I did a little bit of testing with it to see how it would go.


Not bad! So I decided to do a full detail on a car and, while I still need some practice with the pen and finding out what works and what doesn’t work, I’m impressed with the results.


Like I said, I still need some practice, but a very good start nonetheless. Thanks for looking!

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