I’ll start off minor, so I wont ruin any great cars with bad photos.

First, I’m an old fart that was bitten with the car bug at an early age. I played with my cars as a youth but managed to hold on to a couple of my first hot wheels- they will show up in a post. I started picking up collecting in my 20s and I have not let go of too many. When I have, its been for space and some lucky kids have always been the recipients. My picks are always based on what I would want in a full size so even in 1/64, you wont find too many with crazy designs or too many tampos.

The 2004 Chrysler ME 412 is one of many great concept vehicles that the Chrysler group has done over the years. Good and bad, Chrysler is known for great concept cars, with very few making production. The Four-Twelve derives its name from a Mid Engine four turbochargers sitting over 12 cylinders- all good for a 0-60mph run of 2.9 seconds.

For me, I love the design and another American company taking on the mid-engine formula, but in a luxury GT. Fast forward 12 years and this car could roll out today and look fresh and new. To me, that’s good design.

This model is a 1/18 Motor Max. Not a special or high-end make, but the only ones to do the 412. This one is Matte Charcoal Black. It looks good but show dust (and dust clings).


Head on, you notice the massive headlights, the only indication this isn’t a modern design. From one of my moves, you will notice the windshield wiper has flown off.

Nice front angle


Here is an area where the original shines in its design and layout, but where Motor Max shows its budget roots.

Again, the only area where the original design doesn’t quite hold up- the large tail lights. Its got LEDs, but way too many. Still, I find it hard to fault.


Final shot- not sure why kinja turns it on its side. But kudos to Motor Max for not skimping and closing the front. Full four openings.

Okay, I lied. Final shot below with, surprise...., a 412 in clearcoat gloss dark grey. I couldn’t decide which I liked better and for the price- I went for both.


Open to tips and requests. I have a lot of vehicles in various size.

Thanks for reading.