Big things with little cars

Clash of the 787Bs!

The new Hot Wheels casting vs the Tomica Limited Vintage Neo from last year, direct photo comparison. This is after I used the hot water trick to mostly-straighten the wing on the HW casting.


The HW casting is a tiny bit bigger, probably ~1:60 scale vs true 1:64 for the TLV. The HW lacks side mirrors as well, and the headlights are painted or tampo’d on as opposed to the intricate assemblies and clear lens covers on the TLV. The TLV has more intricate livery, and a removable front end as well as rear clamshell. The HW only has a removable rear. They both roll really well for having rubber tires. The wheels are nicer on the TLV, but the HW’s wheels do pretty good justice to the car for non-bespoke components to this one model. Obviously the HW is cheaper to produce, but I gotta say it’s really good for $5.50 vs over $60 for the TLV.

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