Big things with little cars

Code Red

While I went out last night to pickup something for our buddy Vdubyajohn, I came across this beautiful sight.

Following suit of SHARPSPEED’s post last week, the Modern Classics which is so far my most anticipated Car Culture series had landed in my area.


And what makes this series my most anticipated one? This:

The intimidating Mercedes 190E. These were the only two out of the set I took home, some of the other ones in the series could try harder such as the M3. Of course one of these will be set free, unfortunately this rebel is going throw off my schedule on my upcoming posts (Civic Type R, M2 Auto Japan, Ford GT, etc). I have an idea for showing this car but I need to contact someone for his advice for it to work.

So which one is your favorite from this series and which one would you predict will become the peg warmer? My money will be on the Honda CRX.


Catch you guys later. Cheers.

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