Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long! A new family member arrived in our household a couple months ago and things have been, let’s say “hectic” since!

On a side note, the collection got some love on Autotrader.com/Oversteer where I occasionally contribute an article here and there! https://www.autotrader.com/car-news/heres-why-i-own-over-14000-toy-cars-275606

But, here, without further ado, is almost the last of the cars that I’ve kept aside for myself!

The first grouping are cars that I set aside “for my wife”, which, let’s face it...is really just saying cars I kept for myself, but these are the cars that she likes. I’ll split the second set (the ones I set aside “for myself” as a second post shortly!)

Most of them were set aside because she likes Porsche’s...and one M3 just for fun!





This one I kept because, while she currently owns a gray 2016 CX-5, her last car was a 2013 CX-5 in this exact color!

These next two have been saved, but, I need to ask for some help with them. What I really need to do is swap interiors (I’ll set it up as a separate post later on):


The interior swap would be all that’s necessary for the dark blue one to match our current summer car:

Cars I Kept - 6 - Family is Forever

Cars I Kept - 5 - Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Cars I Kept - 4 - Work, work, work...

Cars I Kept - 3 - Who’s the Boss?

Cars I Kept - 2 - Father Knows Best

Cars I Kept - 1 - Come at me, bro.

Entire Collection Here