Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Hey guys,

The time has come to start putting some effort into making room in my garage and finding a new home for this die-cast collection.

Since Shawn’s desire was to find a home for the collection as a whole, I wanted to at least take a shot at making that happen.


I do realize that this is a seriously eclectic collection and therefore it’s unlikely that anyone would be interested in the collection as a whole other than for, perhaps, sheer volume. You know, like the guy who used to have the world record for largest die-cast collection that wants to reclaim his former glory, or whatever.

So, here’s what has crossed my mind: I would love to find someone in the continental US or southern half of Canada so that I can pack the collection into a uhaul and deliver it in person. But, I would want to cover the costs of doing that with a little bit for myself. For that I would ask for $5,000.

If there is anyone that would be interested in that, please feel free to comment, or for privacy you can email me at greenmountaincarguy at gmail. If I can’t find a home for the collection as a whole, I will start to break it up into sections and will put up a post before I start doing that for suggestions on the best way to do that! Obviously, you guys would have first dibs!!

Thank you very much!

Link for reminder of what’s there (minus the few hundred that I kept):  

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