Come back.... (hawl)

I am going to customize this rad little SP2. I just love the tampo on it!

I’m thinking about using these wheels here off of my custom Porsche. I might sell this Porsche though.


Here is what you are here for though. So I was swimming through the dump bin like the large man-child I am, when I noticed this Tesla. I have heard of these but never saw one on the pegs. So I grabbed it thinking that I would never find one of these (even though I didn’t really want it). When I grabbed the VW I glanced again at the Tesla card and noticed the white figure on the card art, was missing from the real car. So I searched on evilBay to see if this was worth anything, but I didn’t see any listings related to this. So I guess it’s pretty rare (maybe)

*If anyone likes collecting errors just E-mail me My username @ gmail*

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