Big things with little cars

I bet you’re getting tired of all those Datsuns and Skylines by now, aren’t you? At this point collectors can’t even give them away, am I right? No? Here’s some brand new art Greenlight has just released for Tokyo Torque Series 3

A new Skyline tooling debuts. Although from the art I don’t see much, if any, difference between a ‘71 and ‘72. Maybe a JDM knowledgeable person can help point out with the nuances?


Hey, I own a Z! Mine looks nothing like this (well, maybe long hood/short deck) but I’d grab one if I came across it. Which I won’t, because scalpers will be selling them in lots of 10 before any average collector finds one. *Sigh*

I hope the red paint over gold wheels makes it to production.


Hey, it’s Godzilla! In green no less. A First Cut Green Machine edition would look dope! Are you listening Greenlight?


And these are going straight from the factory to eBay, one imagines.

These are 1/64 and subject to change. I have no other information on these. No release date has been published. GL just posted this artwork less than 24 hours ago. Still I have a feeling one or two of you might be interested...

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