My first Jeep (back in 1997-ish) was a 1990 Cherokee Pioneer Automatic with a 4.0 Litre 6 Cyl engine. It was light blue and drove like a tank. I had a lot of great memories in that vechicle! Sadly, I had to ditch it because my slim college-life budget could not keep up with the gas expenses of driving it regularly.

So, when I found an absolute wreck of a Majorette Cherokee (fire response edition), I slowly morphed it into my old ride. It received a new coat of paint just like my old jeep and some burly GoodYear Real Riders. I put the roof rack and luggage on the top when I realized I forgot to fill the hole where the emergency lights went through. An extra gain antennae was a last minute add as well. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out though I totally wrecked the rear bumber deleting the tow hook plastic to shoot for realism. Ah well.

A tribute to my old Jeep: