This is one of my father’s toys. It’s near and dear to me, and has had some history.

When my father was a kid, he had a few Corgi cars. When his parents were moving, he packed them in a bag. He came home that day to find the bag missing. Apparently they had been accidentally put out to the road for garbage, and the garbage truck had just left. He was devastated to say the least.

Luckily a few of his beloved Corgis were not in the bag. This was one of them. I can’t even imagine the casts that have spent years at the bottom of a landfill.


I think that moment had an affect on his mentality for life. He has always been a pack rat. He keeps everything, and keeps it safely stashed away.


This Bedford Mobilgas Corgi truck is just a ton of fun for kids. The fuel trailer is attached, so it does not easily fall off when driving around. The wheels and rubber tires seem indestructible after all these years. this was a cast made to last.


It has always been one of my very favorite and precious casts.

I know these are not that rare, and I’ve seen some very nice ones out there, but this one means a great deal to me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way than the way it is.