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Countach Tuesday: Running of the Bulls '18

In apologies for the delay, it’s double the fun this time!

I didn’t forget about the Running of the Bulls event, featuring Lamborghini’s iconic flagship models! I just, uh... don’t happen to have any Diablo or Miura models, because stateside, they didn’t really get all too many printings. That being said, I do have a Countach or two, so let’s kick this off!

Who could forget the widespread success of Heralda Racing and Ostendorff

The Lamborghini Countach is one of the most iconic sportscars out there, and would define the angular, powerful styling that Lamborghini would come to be known for. Pretty surprising from the designer and studio that styled the soft, curvacious Miura. Marcello Gandini had previously installed scissor doors on the Alfa Romeo Carabo, another wedge-designed car, and brought them back for this; even if they’re wildly impractical, they’re absolutely stylish.

I think I accidentally focused my camera on that one specific rim, but hey, at least it looks great

Hot Wheels’ particular model seems to be the 25th Anniversary Countach, the final release of the car, from 1988. Makes sense. Much as the huge wing of the LP5000 may be more iconic, this one’s regarded as the most powerful. And it showed up in Need for Speed III, which is a big plus in my book. (Also, for a kid audience, that wing is absolutely gonna bend off somehow eventually.)

A lot of detail on the interior!

As far as the diecasts go, they seem to be pretty phenomenally modeled and kinda iffily tampo-ed. Like, there’s no badging - understandable given that it’s a very, very small detail they wouldn’t start having with some regularity until years later - but also no lights, front or back. The full focus of the printing process is on the racing livery.

Wow, it’s nothing! I guess you don’t need your turn signals when you’re, uh... driving into the Shadow Realm?

However, the modeling is strong enough that it’s still genuinely impressive. It’s a striking form that you can immediately recognize, even if it weren’t plastered in Lamborghini logos, and even the intakes are pretty spot-on.

Or a wall

These ones are toys I’ve had for years and thus have weathered some rough play. Turns out a city full of chronically crashing drivers and highways made to be as confusing and downright eldritch as possible, rapidly changing every week and at random whims, is dangerous for a motor vehicle... but enough about Providence. It wasn’t great for my diecasts in my Hot Wheels city either. Still, they’ve stood the test of time, as has the Countach as a sportscar collector’s favorite and as something that puts a smile on a car enthusiast’s face.

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