Just got home from the lake and it was a great weekend found some diecasts, got the lot mowed, and even partied with my boss. Here are some pictures of the diecasts that I have drug home over the last week or so.

This bad boy was on clearance at the Checotah Wal-Mart for $9 there were a couple of pegs full two weeks ago so I couldn’t leave it hanging this trip.

Of course I couldn’t leave them in the package I picked out the most beat up box they are now with my Tailwinds at the lake place.

Also got these two the Plymouth is pretty cool and can’t go wrong with the stars and stripes on Memorial day weekend and I needed another F150 to open up.


These are just some random cars picked up because I thought they were cool.


And I don’t usually do Matchbox but I wanna drive the Zamboni.

BTW being Memorial Day weekend if you see a person in uniform or know somebody that served please thank them for their service. Remember freedom isn’t free.