Big things with little cars

Couple of Hauls this week

We have been in the busy season as we call it at work and the wife always tries to keep me cheered up by bringing me home diecasts when she is out and about.

She picked these up for me on Thursday and I am especially digging the Enterprise now please somebody get them to make and Enterprise D.


On my home from work tonight after about a 60 hour week I picked these up.

I couldn’t let the Lotus hang there or the 79 Ford and I am not much of a matchbox guy but the jeep series has got me hooked.

I have been looking for the F250 and the 1976 Caprice Coupe was a bonus the car I took my driver’s test in and drove first was a 1975 Caprice sedan. I loved that car and still miss it today so that was a no brainer.


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