A while back these were on sale on Amazon for a little over $6 each. That’s cheap. I bought 14 then thinking it would be enough. It’s not. So for the past few months I’ve been doubling up two cars per slot.

Every retailer was selling them for around $14 each. Just last week, Amazon lowered the price down to $10.99 and it was still at $10.99 when I checked last night. Today I’ve been going to Joanns and Hobby Lobby after work to use their 40% and 50% off coupons to get these cases for roughly $7.50 before taxes.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Just now I checked Amazon again and the price went down to $7.47! Darn you AMAZON!!!! I wasted gas driving to four stores to use these coupons. Oh well...no need for me to make more trips to the stores tomorrow.

EDIT: looks like the sale is over in like less than a day. What the heck!


Cramp living quarters. 2 cars per slot


Homeless cars without a slot to call home.


Just ordered 5 6 more cases