Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

With an entire day to myself today, I crossed state borders to explore and search for treasure.

This is my hawl to show for a fun rainy day.

The Alfa Romeo SZ graced all my dad’s car magazine covers in 1990, and I found one today.


Originally I thought the Snoopy trucklet was Tomica, but it’s a brand I am not familiar with: Aviva. It appears to be a Toyota (some sort of) Ace pickup, stamping says 1958 model year.  The seller had a mint carded one, along with another Peanuts character on a car, but I didn’t spend too much time lookin at it, as they were quite out of budget.

The weird blue one is A Corgi Junior, called Wigwam-Van Camper. I like it as it’s like the other retro future fantasy models from that era. It even had a checkered table inside.


The others were all in the reject pile, and I got them for free. I finally have a Nissan Prairie (Axxess) minivan that I recall occasionally seeing when growing up, a Lesney transporter vehicle with obvious missing wheels, a Spoiler Sport painted with what looks like poster paint, and another Corgi junior that reminds me of a Lotus Europa mated to an ambulance, that was originally one of the Batman fantasy vehicles. I don’t know which this was, the seller also had a Penguin character car.

Total damage: $10

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