Hey everyone. This was one of the first cars I bought when I got back into the diecast colleting game. I had also been out of touch with nascar for quite some time, but heard Brad Keselowski was stirring it up, especially with Kyle Busch. They have a pretty funny rivalry, which sort of got me searching for Brad’s car. I really didn’t know of any good online sellers and stores yet, so i cheated and went to Nascar.com. Little did I know that I would be introduced to Galaxy finish, literally is what it says. Black cars with this paint look absolutly interstellar. Unfortunatly Nascar and Lionel.com only offer these. Not sure about Lionel, but Nascar.com absolutely ships diecast like garbage. They throw it in a tiny box with no reinforcement, sometimes no paper and they take it out of the original shipping package and paper. Thankfully the cars arrive great, but some of the boxes look questionable. So, if you want a galaxy car, preorder, or get it when you know it’s not that old. It’ll come in the best condition. Maybe im just knit-picking, but collecters want mint condition. I would hope Lionel ships their own product with care at least.

I fell in love with it just by looking at the stock photo because it reminded me of a white Crown Vic I used to have. It was my favorite car and absolutley heatbreaking when I couldnt keep fixing it. So I figured this was my perfect opportunity to have a Crown Vic racecar. Now, that Crown Vic was not nearly as beautiful as this car. I dont know, maybe it just reminds me of it because it’s Ford, white, even though mine was peeling gloss with some primer. I wanted to make it a great car, but you grow up, have other costs and cant afford to paint it, rebuild the trans, fix that tic, ticking from the timing belt, and ugggg, you know you have to pay your overinflated loans that are like a mortgage. So what happens? You drive something reliable and collect diecast because it still costs less than restoring a non collector car and dealing with it’s infinite issues.